Tips For Selling Your New iPhone

When you decide that it’s time to either upgrade to a different iPhone, or you have decided that you want an Android instead, the question that you may ponder is; How do I sell my iPhone that is still relatively new? There are many important steps that you should consider before you put your iPhone up on the selling market.

Important Steps To Do Before You Sell Your iPhone

One of the most important steps that you need to do is unlock your iPhone. In addition, you will need to delete all of your personal information. It is recommended by Apple, that you do not delete your personal information while you are logged onto the iCloud with your Apple ID.

If you want to delete your information manually, you could jeopardize losing all of your data and content from all iCloud servers that your other Apple devices are logged onto. It also is a good idea, to extract your SIM card from the iPhone that you are going to sell.

Where To Sell Your iPhone

Before you sell your iPhone, you need to first call the carrier that your iPhone is with. This step is important because the carrier will need to know, that this phone will be removed from your account. The best time to sell an iPhone is when the newest model appears on the market. If your phone is a newer model, the chances of a higher payout are more than likely.

There are many different ways that you can sell your iPhone, one way, is through the internet, where you can use a trading method. Online stores such as; eBay, Amazon, and Gazelle offer this. You could also bring your iPhone to a store such as; BestBuy, Walmart, and even the Apple store to see how much that they can offer you.

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